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Come, linger in the park...

New York City Unleashed
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This community is open to everyone who likes New York City (especially the village), if you live here, and want to meet someone, or just to talk to someone, you are welcome to join. Anyone is welcome.

This community is for -
1. People who love to hang out in the village, or NYC
2. People who want to meet other people - str8, gays, lesbians, transgender, etc...
3. People who love to talk about the city and share experiences
4. People who want to advertise events that are to take place in the city

There are rules in this community...

1. be considerate and use lj-cut if you are posting pictures, or long entries.
2. NO BASHING! No matter who is posting, the community is open to EVERYONE!
3. No porn, no matter in what form or sexual orientation, NO PORN!
4. be nice to others